Family Law and Child Protection Proceedings

Our practitioners have experience in conducting psychological reports for courts in child care proceedings; assessing parents, other carers and children, with an age range between 6 to 16 years for psychometric assessment and clinical interview, and observation of contact with an age range from 8 months to late adolescence. Typical assessments include:

  • Psychology of parent(s),
  • Capacity assessments to participate in proceedings
  • Parental assessment in non-accidental injury cases
  • Assessments of parents who have convictions for sexual/violent offences
  • Assessment of parenting practices,
  • Assessment of family relationship dynamics,
  • Assessment of attachment/bonding,
  • Assessment of perpetrators of domestic violence and the impact on parenting
  • Assessment of harm arising from abuse/neglect.
  • Assessment of parent and/or child alienation.
  • Hearing impaired offenders.
  • Assessment of Gillick competence for children under 16 years.
  • Capacity assessments of young people.
  • Assessment of persons with a hearing impairment.