Research & Publications

FPP Ltd has extensive research experience in a range of areas including working with violent and sexual offenders, working with offenders with intellectual disabilities, working with hearing impaired offenders, ‘What Works’ in Offender Rehabilitation and Child Maltreatment, both within the UK and internationally.

FPP Ltd has focused considerable research and publication effort into the area of expert witnesses and reporting within care and family proceedings. In 2015 Prof Craig co-authored a Ministry of Justice report into the use of expert witnesses in the family courts. This research was requested by Ministers to inform policy and practice at the UK Government level.

Our research team have well over 100 publications, including 11 books, and have presented to well over 60 national and international conferences in Germany, Greece, Brazil, UK and Ireland.

Our practitioners also hold academic posts at the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University and have collaborated with other national and international universities and agencies across the UK, Europe, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. If you would like any further information to address your specific needs, please contact us for further discussion and a quotation.