Forensic Psychology Practice Ltd

FPP Ltd is a private practice of Forensic, Clinical, Counselling, Child and Neuropsychologists, providing services to social and health care, childcare and family proceedings, criminal justice agencies, and private individuals tasked with the assessment, management or treatment of individuals who present a risk to themselves or others.

We have an international reputation

in providing consultancy to individual law practitioners, law enforcement agencies, mental healthcare providers, social and healthcare services and criminal justice agencies specialising in high risk or complex cases.

Our practitioners are often instructed in legal matters

based on our wide ranging experience and expertise, to provide detailed psychological assessments and oral testimony in often complex cases heard before the criminal and family law courts, Parole Board hearings, Mental Health Review Tribunals and Military Court Martials.

Our practitioners have expertise in assessment and treatment services

across a range of forensic and clinical specialisms and are internationally recognised for their work in these areas.

FPP Ltd has specialist expertise

in conducting research in collaboration with universities and government agencies and delivering training to national and international criminal justice agencies.

FPP Ltd adheres to Legal Aid rates

FPP Ltd adheres to Legal Aid rates:
and All FPP practitioners are Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council and hold Chartered Status with the British Psychological Society.

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We have experience in working with clients from a range of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds and whose first language is not English, including people with sensory impairment, language deprivation and physical disability.

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